New Year New Resolution, I’m back and in the Basement?!

Dear all who read this I am back from my holidays for another year in Ayr. I have been away up to things in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, North Shields, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and my new year resolution is to try a new wine every week. I’ve started with a South Australian Yellow Label Wolf Blass wine if that means anything to you? It is quite balanced I guess, but still too strong for me. Hopefully that will change as I get use to wine. Although I have been enjoying sitting back and just drinking the wine slowly, it takes the edge off things – me a future recovering alcoholic.

On another note I am set to play on the 9th at the Basement in Ayr, so please make your way down – the entry fee was £4 last I checked and is BYOB. I don’t plan drinking wine there, think I will stick to the cans of Fosters or something.


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Interviewer: TJ Marsh

Interviewee: Me

What kind of music are you into?

I am into all sorts, started listening to mainly stuff like Linkin Park, Evanescence and Three Days Grace, now it’s a mix of top hits and more. Damian Rice and Jeff Buckley really appeal to me as song-writers.

What is your selected genre?

I play acoustically, not really sure if I have a select genre, I strive to be different.

What is your long term goal?

My long term goal is to establish myself as a successful artist, in whatever form that may be.

How do you plan to reach that goal?

Well I plan on developing my recording techniques as to have an effective EP to sell. I also want to be better engage my online audience better, and increase the size of that. Plus there is bringing my songs to Glasgow. Experimenting with electronic music may also be useful.

Where do you want to be this time next year?

I would like to have an EP if possibly be done to a good standard by then. Maybe some skills in electronic music would be nice too. It would be great if I started making money from myself being an Artist.

Do you want to stay in Ayr?

Yes and no, I want to complete my studies here and then will most likely move to Glasgow or just outside of it as I feel that is where the music is at. I may also consider moving to Canada and London when the opportunity arises to visit them.

What is your biggest fear?

I hate blood, it makes me feel squeamish.

What is your favourite colour?


Cat or dog?

I’ll be awkward and say both.

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December 12th Harleys *Thursday*

Come see me play at Harleys on the 12th of December at Ayr. There are free tickets on Eventbrite, be aware that these tickets are not needed, they just give me an idea on numbers.

While we are at it, you can have YOUR ideas (nouns, the items around you) featured on Thursday if you respond fast:

Facebook ad for your ideas.

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OMG I’m Tripping!

Christmas coming up soon and I’ll be heading to some place near Redcar to see my Dad, and my wee brother and sister. Shortly after a trip to Hartlepool where I’ll meet up with some friends of mine that I knew 5-6 years ago. I’m a total stranger to them now, so this will be an interesting experience, not to mention that reminiscent feeling of just being there! Oh god, can’t say it is the most prettiest of places, but I do know a lot of good people there.

After that I am off to Newcastle, where I will relay with my Mum and other family members to prepare for a cruise to Amsterdam! We are there for a day, but have an overnight trip there and back. Then we get to Glasgow just in time for Christmas, for maybe a family buffet. We are there for 4 nights with mostly undecided plans. I have the opportunity to be with my family, if I wish, for New Year in Edinburgh or alternatively Dornoch with my brother. I don’t think either them appeal to me, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, at least I get to see Lion King in Edinburgh before I have to decide.

What are you guys planning for your Christmas break?

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Hopefully by now we have gotten ourselves acquainted with this amazing electronic duo, if not be sure to give them a listen on their SoundCloud or YouTube page. Brothers Guy (born 25th May 1991) and Howard (born 11th May 1994) Lawrence grew up in Reigate, Surrey and released their album Settle on the 3rd June 2013 through PMR. They are currently being played and replayed on my Sony Xperia Miro, either that or some Aluna George.

I’m a kid again!

I’m so glad to hear their music played in Furies, a club in Ayr, and when I say this I mean Disclosure ft. Aluna George with their song White Noise. It makes me feel special as I have been listening to them since album release. White Noise is a song that I’m surprised no one thought up until now, this makes it no less creative as it is amazing with it’s drum beat that for some reason harmonizes with my inner beat that we also seem to have and move to now and then.

Here listen:

Disclosure’s vocals can be anything from repetition to something quite fancy. In any case, the variety is enough for any music lover that likes to hear a beat pulsing at them and lyrics that they can just pick up on the go. It will likely be similar to some of those repetitive eating habits in your daily life. Would even go as far to say that it calms me!

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Just Start Something!

See I don’t know much about songwriting, but lets talk about it for a bit. Now how does one write a song? How does one write a good song? Is there a specific way of knowing that the song is good? Really don’t know, your guess is as good as mine, and I guess maybe a catchy chorus. No?

Truth is there are a lot of tips out there but everyone will have a different flare to add to their lyrics, could be based off their influences or just random words splattering out from their vocabulary. Alternatively you could seek inspiration, again this could be from a song, equally a painting or an image in your head. Sometimes I imagine a scene that is so otherworldly to what I’m writing about you might as well say every emotional topic I choose turns into an intergalactic space battle. Occasionally a song appears into your head like magic and sometimes you have been fooled into making a very similar song to another (and maybe your a complete copycat!).

The songwriting class at UWS, which I would of also liked to have done, is all about songwriting! I have heard one tip and that is to write a song to the melody of another you love and then completely change everything except the lyrics – open to some change I would hope. I have yet to try this to the extent of a whole song, but should try and incorporate this into my work to see if it works for me.

Now For You Guys…

Do what ever you feel comfortable with, as with recording there doesn’t seem to be no right or wrong or answers to this. I can only suggest that don’t over think that wee head of yours!

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Early Times

Lately I have been getting into recording which seems quite simple, but it looks like you are about to head into a minefield where one wrong step could mean losing your legs and having to wait for the medic to come help you. There is so much you can do on a DAW software, namely ProTools. It’s not just as simple as clicking record, the program needs to know which mics are being used for recording and there can be any number of mics.

So what am I doing?

I will record a singer-songwriter, two bands and sounds for a game in future. Learning to cater for all three is important for my work later on. There are some YouTube channels that will help me, WinkSound (overloaded with videos), Brian Boyle, and Signature Sound (talks about mic setup as well).

Now I can only really get into what I plan on doing later today for recording, and that is recording Leighbo (an acoustic performance). So what options do I have? Well I could go for a variety of different recording techniques, there is no right or wrong answer for this. For her I plan on using an XY recording technique for the acoustic guitar, which will be timed to a metronome separately from the vocals. I will likely record the vocals with the AKG.

The band Ratios I will be recording next week. They have their own engineer coming in whom I will be working with, and hopefully get some pointers.

I have another band I am recording, but they have yet given me a name or any material, so they are really early in the songwriting stages.

The game sounds… all I can say is that I have been informed that it is a cross campus uni project and that it will happen in the second term of the University Of The West Of Scotland. They are working on it this term however, just too soon for sounds!

Hope for the future!

Yer, hopefully I get more of a chance to record in future and gain more experience from it!

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