New Year New Resolution, I’m back and in the Basement?!

Dear all who read this I am back from my holidays for another year in Ayr. I have been away up to things in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, North Shields, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and my new year resolution is to try a new wine every week. I’ve started with a South Australian Yellow Label Wolf Blass wine if that means anything to you? It is quite balanced I guess, but still too strong for me. Hopefully that will change as I get use to wine. Although I have been enjoying sitting back and just drinking the wine slowly, it takes the edge off things – me a future recovering alcoholic.

On another note I am set to play on the 9th at the Basement in Ayr, so please make your way down – the entry fee was £4 last I checked and is BYOB. I don’t plan drinking wine there, think I will stick to the cans of Fosters or something.


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