OMG I’m Tripping!

Christmas coming up soon and I’ll be heading to some place near Redcar to see my Dad, and my wee brother and sister. Shortly after a trip to Hartlepool where I’ll meet up with some friends of mine that I knew 5-6 years ago. I’m a total stranger to them now, so this will be an interesting experience, not to mention that reminiscent feeling of just being there! Oh god, can’t say it is the most prettiest of places, but I do know a lot of good people there.

After that I am off to Newcastle, where I will relay with my Mum and other family members to prepare for a cruise to Amsterdam! We are there for a day, but have an overnight trip there and back. Then we get to Glasgow just in time for Christmas, for maybe a family buffet. We are there for 4 nights with mostly undecided plans. I have the opportunity to be with my family, if I wish, for New Year in Edinburgh or alternatively Dornoch with my brother. I don’t think either them appeal to me, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, at least I get to see Lion King in Edinburgh before I have to decide.

What are you guys planning for your Christmas break?

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