Hopefully by now we have gotten ourselves acquainted with this amazing electronic duo, if not be sure to give them a listen on their SoundCloud or YouTube page. Brothers Guy (born 25th May 1991) and Howard (born 11th May 1994) Lawrence grew up in Reigate, Surrey and released their album Settle on the 3rd June 2013 through PMR. They are currently being played and replayed on my Sony Xperia Miro, either that or some Aluna George.

I’m a kid again!

I’m so glad to hear their music played in Furies, a club in Ayr, and when I say this I mean Disclosure ft. Aluna George with their song White Noise. It makes me feel special as I have been listening to them since album release. White Noise is a song that I’m surprised no one thought up until now, this makes it no less creative as it is amazing with it’s drum beat that for some reason harmonizes with my inner beat that we also seem to have and move to now and then.

Here listen:

Disclosure’s vocals can be anything from repetition to something quite fancy. In any case, the variety is enough for any music lover that likes to hear a beat pulsing at them and lyrics that they can just pick up on the go. It will likely be similar to some of those repetitive eating habits in your daily life. Would even go as far to say that it calms me!

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