Just Start Something!

See I don’t know much about songwriting, but lets talk about it for a bit. Now how does one write a song? How does one write a good song? Is there a specific way of knowing that the song is good? Really don’t know, your guess is as good as mine, and I guess maybe a catchy chorus. No?

Truth is there are a lot of tips out there but everyone will have a different flare to add to their lyrics, could be based off their influences or just random words splattering out from their vocabulary. Alternatively you could seek inspiration, again this could be from a song, equally a painting or an image in your head. Sometimes I imagine a scene that is so otherworldly to what I’m writing about you might as well say every emotional topic I choose turns into an intergalactic space battle. Occasionally a song appears into your head like magic and sometimes you have been fooled into making a very similar song to another (and maybe your a complete copycat!).

The songwriting class at UWS, which I would of also liked to have done, is all about songwriting! I have heard one tip and that is to write a song to the melody of another you love and then completely change everything except the lyrics – open to some change I would hope. I have yet to try this to the extent of a whole song, but should try and incorporate this into my work to see if it works for me.

Now For You Guys…

Do what ever you feel comfortable with, as with recording there doesn’t seem to be no right or wrong or answers to this. I can only suggest that don’t over think that wee head of yours!

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