Early Times

Lately I have been getting into recording which seems quite simple, but it looks like you are about to head into a minefield where one wrong step could mean losing your legs and having to wait for the medic to come help you. There is so much you can do on a DAW software, namely ProTools. It’s not just as simple as clicking record, the program needs to know which mics are being used for recording and there can be any number of mics.

So what am I doing?

I will record a singer-songwriter, two bands and sounds for a game in future. Learning to cater for all three is important for my work later on. There are some YouTube channels that will help me, WinkSound (overloaded with videos), Brian Boyle, and Signature Sound (talks about mic setup as well).

Now I can only really get into what I plan on doing later today for recording, and that is recording Leighbo (an acoustic performance). So what options do I have? Well I could go for a variety of different recording techniques, there is no right or wrong answer for this. For her I plan on using an XY recording technique for the acoustic guitar, which will be timed to a metronome separately from the vocals. I will likely record the vocals with the AKG.

The band Ratios I will be recording next week. They have their own engineer coming in whom I will be working with, and hopefully get some pointers.

I have another band I am recording, but they have yet given me a name or any material, so they are really early in the songwriting stages.

The game sounds… all I can say is that I have been informed that it is a cross campus uni project and that it will happen in the second term of the University Of The West Of Scotland. They are working on it this term however, just too soon for sounds!

Hope for the future!

Yer, hopefully I get more of a chance to record in future and gain more experience from it!

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